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  • Emergency Contact Numbers : +255-783344840
Further to our previous advisory on the proposed Air India VBM flight to Delhi on 4th Sept. 2020, M/S Satguru Travels has been authorized by Air India to handle the ticketing facilitation.  Therefore, all requests for bookings and enquiries etc. may be directed to M/S Satguru Travels whose coordinates are given below, instead of cons2.desalaam@mea.gov.in, by 16.00 hrs. on Monday, 24th August 2020 :

0713 750 643 - Mihir Patwardhan 
0658 583 008 - Vishal Rana

2.  Those who have already sent their emails to cons2.desalaam@mea.gov.in earlier in the day are also requested to send their emails to M/S Satguru Travels.   As conveyed already, the proposed Air India Flight to Delhi would be possible only when a minimum critical mass of prospective passengers would be there. 

3.   Air India has been requested to keep the cost of tickets as low as possible but again the the total number of passengers registered would decide the cost factor.