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Tanzania India Business Forum Tanzania (TIBF)

Email: secretary@tibf.co.tz

The Tanzania India Business Forum (previously known as Indian Business Forum) was formally launched in September 2013. It is a non-profit organization in Tanzania to boost / facilitate business and trade relations between India and Tanzania. TIBF provides a forum for connecting business interests in Tanzania and India to boost the trade between the two countries.  It also represents the interests of businesses and professionals originating from India, and facilitates provision of information, guidance and assistance to Indian companies and professionals in their quest to establish businesses and professions in diverse fields in Tanzania. It also provides a forum for exchange of ideas, skills and how to identify reliable markets for products.

Executive Committee
Mr. Gagan Gupta – Chairman
Mr. Kripakaran Ramakrishnan – Vice Chairman
Mr. Suresh K R Kumar – Secretary
Mr. Viswhanshu Trivedi – Treasurer
Mr. Satyam Gupta - Member, Executive Committee 
Mr. Shivi Pathak - Member, Executive Committee
Mr. Gopal Krishnan – Member, Exectuive Committee
Mr. P V Jayaraj – Member, Exectuive Committee
Mr. Aman Vohra – Member, Executive Committee
Mr. Pankaj Joshi – Member, Executive Committee
Mr. R. Chandramouli – Deputy High Commissioner
High Commissioner