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  • Emergency Contact Numbers : +255-783344840

The Charter sets out our commitment to provide a high level of service to Indian Nationals in Tanzania and what we ask from you in return

We will:

» Be professional, non-judgmental, polite and helpful to you whatever your gender, race, religion or region.
» Give clear information on how to contact us at our premises and online.
» Tell you beforehand if there is a charge for a service we provide.
» Deal with your enquiry accurately and efficiently, explaining clearly from the start what help we can give and when you should approach others for advice.
» Keep waiting times to a minimum when you visit us.
» Use your feedback, comments and complaints to help us improve our services.

We will aim to:

» Offer a fast response and consistent advice to your first-time telephone enquiries.
» Assess your needs promptly and provide effective assistance based on your individual circumstances and local conditions.
» Meet our published targets for fee-bearing services, including issuing emergency travel documents on the same or next working day (on straightforward cases, once we receive your full and complete application at our High Commission or Consulate)

What we need from you

» Treat our staff with respect. If you are abusive, we may refuse to help you.
» Provide us with feedback so that we can improve our services.
» Buy full travel and medical insurance to help cover any unexpected costs during your visits abroad.
» Have any necessary vaccinations, pack enough medication with prescription to cover any unforeseen extended stays or emergencies and leave your contact details and itinerary with family or friends.
» Follow our travel advice (at www.mea.gov.in) and local advice on what is safe and unsafe, respect local laws and take care of your money and passport.
» We encourage all Indian citizens to strictly obey all laws and regulations of the United Republic of Tanzania and to be sensitive to local customs and practices.
» For more information on the services and support we provide, please speak to a member of staff or visit http://hcindiatz.gov.in.

Notarial, Passport and Consular Services

The fees are approved by the Government of India

What kind of help we can provide

» We offer help which is appropriate to the individual circumstances of each case. Our staff will make an assessment of your requirement and will aim to offer assistance which helps these requirements.

The help we offer can include:

» Issuing replacement emergency travel documents.
» Providing information about transferring funds.
» Providing appropriate help if you have suffered sexual or physical assault, are a victim of other crimes, are ill or in hospital.
» Providing details of local lawyers, interpreters, doctors and funeral/embalming agencies.
» Providing details of other organizations that can provide specialist support where we are unable to.
» Contacting family or friends for you if you would like us to.
» Making special arrangements in cases of terrorism, civil unrest or natural disasters.
» Providing documentary services such as consular birth or death registration, help with marriage documents, or providing notarial services as appropriate.

We cannot:

» Help you enter Tanzania for example, if you do not have a visa or your passport is not valid because each country can decide who they allow into their country.
» Ensure your safety and security because this is the responsibility of the government and authorities of Tanzania.
» Carry out searches for missing people because doing so is the responsibility of the Government of Tanzania and to search effectively requires resources that only local authorities can provide.
» Investigate crimes, get you out of prison, prevent local authorities from arresting or prosecuting you under local laws, deporting you after your prison sentence, or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings because we cannot interfere in Tanzania’s processes and must respect their systems.
» et you better treatment in prison than local prisoners (although we may raise concerns with local authorities if treatment falls below internationally recognized standards) or get you better treatment in hospital than the treatment that is given to local people because we cannot interfere in the local process.
» Pay any bills or give you money from public funds, except under exceptional circumstances.
» Make travel arrangements for you, or and your work or accommodation, or make business arrangements on your behalf because these are private arrangements which are your responsibility to make for yourself.
» Get involved (including offering advice) in private disputes over property, employment, commercial or other matters because we have no jurisdiction overseas to resolve such matters.

The High Commission of India will be closed as per the Holiday List

» Regular Office Hours:

Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
In Tanzania, you may contact at Telephone No. 255-22- 2113094/96
E-mail: fscons.desalaam@mea.gov.in
Emergency Telephone No. +255-783344850; +255-783344840